How does it work?


Select material to learn

Decide what you want to enjoy: movie, TV episode, YouTube video, book, or article.


LangFlow analyzes it

LangFlow analyzes material and fetches all unique words to learn, including idioms, phrasal verbs, and so on.It also includes grammar constructions.


Study it

Learn all the needed to enjoy the selected material.LangFlow allows you to train words one by one, staying motivated by the material you selected.


Enjoy the material

Now you're prepared!Just enjoy the material but consolidate learned words. 


Select next material

Now you know more words and LangFlow knows it, so next material will be easier to learn 😉


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Maximally personalisation

Learn materials you want to. Movies, books, TV shows - anything that can be converted to text by LangFlow. You choose what material to learn, you learn with passion.

Thesaurus method

LangFlow learning words section works as thesaurus. You see the definitions of the word using another English words. There is no translation but it's almost like a native do.

Always full of motivation

The main problem of learning English is to have motivation to do it regularly and for long time. That's a motivation problem.We solve this problem gracefully - just let you not just learn but enjoy your favorite movies in English. 


Recursive definitions

We do not have translations, we have definitions. And sometimes you don't know some words in definitions, so it's great way to learn more new words in context of already known ones.Start learn one words and got few extra words to your vocabulary.

Competition with real people

It's always more fun doing it with friends!So challenge them and learn words together.You can select movie to watch for a group of people and motivate each other keep going.

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So simple but useful thing.LangFlow will send reminder to you via pushes or messengers.Soft notify to keep you stay on the track.

Start learning English and you won't be able to stop

LangFlow is designed to help you making your learning process continuously and difficultless.

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